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Temp-Pro’s OEM Support Ensures Turbomachinery Availability During Periods of Peak Demand

Supporting OEMs is one of Temp-Pro's core offerings, allowing us to integrate our company's temperature sensors into their world-class Power Generation equipment

Supporting OEMs is one of Temp-Pro’s core offerings, allowing us to integrate our company’s temperature sensors into their world-class Power Generation equipment

Behind every great power generation turbine or related OEM equipment is an equally impressive group of components providers contributing to its success—and Temp-Pro is one of those providers. In fact, helping these world-class companies with our expertise in temperature measurement devices provides critical value to their overall equipment quality, which in turn translates into enhanced performance for their end customers. 

The unforgiving industrial environments found in the Power Generation Industry calls for precision and accuracy in the harshest of conditions—and this is particularly important during peak demand periods. Power plants require maximum equipment availability and to ensure an optimal level of output, turbo machinery equipment and its related systems require operators to measure temperature shifts and other thermal variables.  

Temp-Pro recently supported an OEM with our components integrated into a Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) for the 1,480-MW Lackawanna Energy Center, located in Jessup, PA.  

The CCPP is equipped with three General Electric (GE) 7HA.02 air-cooled, gas-powered combustion turbines, three heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs), integrating duct burners and a steam turbine.  

Working directly with the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) manufacturer, Temp-Pro supplied HRSG Instrumentation which included pressure, temperature, pressure and temperature indicators, thermowells with integral temperature elements, and test wells. 

OEMs often depend on third party RTD sensors, thermocouple assemblies and other devices to match specific performance parameters to ensure their equipment can endure the challenges of industrial environments found in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas industriesTemp-Pro has earned the respect of these industries’ OEMs, who depend on our proven track record to ensure their own equipment quality is sustained.  

Working together with the OEM’s power engineering teams, we can integrate our temperature measurement devices in a broad range of equipment used in Gas/Seam Turbines, Generators, Industrial Boilers, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs) and much more. The opportunity to serve their needs has allowed Temp-Pro to amass a level of competence that exceeds OEMs expectations—all while ensuring that the end customers can depend on our devices to maintain safe operation levels and optimal performance.  

If you are an OEM seeking to partner with a temperature device manufacturer who can deliver on-time and on-budget, then Temp-Pro is ready to speak with you. Contact us today at 1-413-584-3165 x228 to schedule a conversation to discuss your specific needs.  

Sales Engineer And Commercial Sales Manager at Temp-Pro | + posts

Neal Messier is a dedicated sales manager at Temp-Pro. With 17+ years of experience working with instrumentation in diverse industrial and process industries particularly power generation, he is passionate about the temperature sensor industry and uses his strong technical background and comprehensive industry knowledge to fulfill client’s temperature sensor needs.

Marketing And Sales Specialist at Temp-Pro | Website | + posts

Nicole Chotain is a passionate marketing and sales specialist in the temperature sensor industry who finds it incredibly fulfilling to be involved in marketing and selling crucial components used in power generation and renewable energy. She takes great joy in creating remarkable campaigns, forging meaningful connections between Temp-Pro and its customers, and driving the growth of the brand.

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