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Industrial Temperature Sensors

We proudly manufacture a variety of industrial temperature sensors for industrial applications to include measurement, control, compensation, and regulation

Industrial Temperature Sensors

As one of our core offerings, Temp-Pro designs and manufactures temperature sensor products to include Thermocouples, Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs), Thermistors, Industrial Temperature Probes and associated components and hardware. As a temperature sensor manufacturer, our precision-engineered temperature sensors are built for accuracy, versatility and durability in the most demanding industrial environments.

Temp-Pro’s expertise, knowledge and insight are also geared to provide responsive solutions for prototype programs to ensure customer success. We also collaborate with our sensor engineering expertise to support a variety of innovative or “reverse” engineering applications related to temperature sensors. Whether you need temperature sensors for voltage regulation, time-based applications, or circuit protection, Temp-Pro is ready to support your engineering needs.

Our complete Temp-Pro temperature sensors product line includes:
  • Type 011 – Spring Loaded RTDs
  • Type 011 – Spring Loaded Thermocouples
  • Type 02 – Fixed Insertion/Direct Mounting RTDs
  • Type 02 – Fixed Insertion/Direct Mounting Thermocouples
  • Type 03 – Oil Tight Removable Sensor RTDs
  • Type 03 – Oil Tight Removable Sensor Thermocouples
  • Type 04 – Bearing RTDs
  • Type 04 – Bearing Thermocouples
  • Type 05 – Standard Industrial Thermocouples
  • Type 06 – RTD Sensors with Plug Connection
  • Type 06 – Thermocouple Sensors with Plug Connection
  • Type 07 – RTD Sensors with Small Terminal Head
  • Type 07 – Thermocouple Sensors with Small Terminal Head
  • Type 09 – Spring Loaded Pipe Clamp Assembly RTDs
  • Type 09 – Spring Loaded Pipe Clamp Assembly Thermocouples
  • Type 11 – RTDs with Extension Wires
  • Type 11 – Thermocouples with Extension Wires
  • Type 12 – Thermocouples – Stick Probe
  • Type 13 – -165 to 250°C RTDs
  • Type 14 -250 to 550°C RTDs
  • Type 19 – 24 Gauge Alumina Insulated Noble Metal High Temperature Thermocouples
  • Type 31 – Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors – Flexible Strip
  • Type 32 – Multipoint RTD Temperature Sensors – Bundle Sensor Unit
  • Type 32 – Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors – Bundle Sensor Unit
  • Type 33 – Multipoint RTD Temperature Sensors – Springloaded Bundle
  • Type 33 – Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors – Springloaded Bundle
  • Type 34 – Multipoint RTD Temperature Sensors – Guide Tube Unit
  • Type 34 – Multipoint Thermocouple Temperature Sensors – Guide Tube Unit
  • Type 83 – Bimetal Thermometers

Temp-Pro knows how important temperature sensor technology is to the success of any process heating or environmentally controlled application. That’s why we provide a wide range of non-contact and contact temperature sensors, including thermocouples and RTDs in order to serve a wide range of industries.

The importance of quality temperature sensors

Temperature monitoring is a critical part of many processes that need to make sure fluids flow properly, products remain fresh, chemical reactions are predictable and working areas maintain the correct ambient temperatures. The fast and accurate response of RTD sensor technology is critical to measuring intake air and engine temperatures, and helping to maintain cool operations for power electronics, computers and food and beverage processes.

Temp-Pro also stocks many specialty temperature sensing devices like the PT100, a type of RTD sensor constructed of platinum and is extremely stable at high temperatures while also being resistant to corrosion and chemical attack.

Our Type T thermocouples use high-quality, premium-grade thermocouple wire to accurately measure low temperatures in cryogenics and pharmaceutical freeze-drying applications, which will improve the stability and storage of many drugs.

The importance of temperature sensors is not only to detect temperature variations within processes and environments, they also perform the essential duty of determining whether a process has taken place and if it occurred within a particular range. These quality control applications for temp sensor devices contribute to safe and effective medicines and food products around the world.

Temperature sensor application examples

Industrial applications for temperature sensing technology include any process that requires the measurement, control and monitoring of temperature. This includes freeze protection in the agricultural, oil and gas and water treatment industries through the capabilities of our industrial temperature sensors. Here are more industry examples where Temp-Pro’s line of temperature sensors are frequently used:

  • Type K Thermocouple – widely used in the nuclear power industry due to its hardness against the effects of radiation. Type K Thermocouples are also used to monitor the temperature of chemical processes during the refinement of steel and iron.
  • Thermocouples are very versatile and extremely accurate temperature sensing devices that can determine the temperature based on the difference in voltage produced by dissimilar metals joined together at one end. Applications for thermocouples are widespread, ranging from domestic appliances to food and beverage processing, along with the automotive, aviation and spacecraft industries.
  • Heat sensor – widely used in domestic appliances like ovens, refrigerators and HVAC systems, the heat sensor is responsible for the safe operation of many solid, liquid, and gas industrial processes. If not for heat sensor technology, many hazardous, high-temperature process operations would not be possible.
  • Oil sensors – are critical to the operation of motor vehicles, including heavy equipment trucks and hydraulics machinery. High oil pressure is actually determined by the engine oil temperature. The high temperature of oil in machinery is directly connected to engine overheating, poor idling, low mileage, black exhaust smoke and more.

Why Choose Temp-Pro

When you partner with Temp-Pro for your temp sensor and heat sensor applications, you are joining a company with over 50 years of industry experience in providing a wide range of products and services designed to serve the needs of multiple industries.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, Temp-Pro is dedicated to quality processes and products. But, above and beyond this, we are dedicated to the highest customer service standards that are implemented and monitored by our Quality Management System.

When you require the right industrial temperature sensors, Temp-Pro delivers the absolute best quality and craftsmanship for every one of our industrial products. Browse our temperature sensor selection guide today to find out what types of temperature sensors are available to suit all your needs.

Through our depth of knowledge and resources, Temp-Pro provides a “best-value” option for the production of both prototype and build-to-print temperature sensor designs—whether in large or small quantities. And since 1972, our temperature sensor design and production capacity has supported the most demanding needs of OEM industry and operating facilities around the world.

And don’t forget that Temp-Pro’s ISO 9001:2015 certification ensures that we maintain the highest quality standards to ensure your satisfaction throughout every stage of our business relationship. With more than four decades of experience, our company has a strong culture of customer satisfaction that has become our trademark value.

If you are actively looking for an industrial temperature sensor that meets your project’s specifications, please request a quote or call us toll-free at 1-800-991-9093 to discuss how Temp-Pro can serve your immediate and future needs.
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