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SH Thermocouples for Aux Boiler
27 Dec: SH Thermocouples for Aux. Boiler
These TC will be installed on steam tubing inside an insulated box. We expect the transition from stainless steel tubing sheath to extension wire to happen outside the insulated box, in open air in the desert.
Thermowell Pressure Class Discrepancy
26 Nov: Thermowell Pressure Class Discrepancy
The socket-weld thermowell defined does not fit into a 1”x 3”, 6000#, sockolet fitting. Challenge: Note, all pipe welding on HRSG is to be completed at site, by the end of the day Friday.
MS-7001B Gas Turbines
26 Nov: MS-7001B Gas Turbines
Wheelspace It is the space (very small axial distance) between rotating wheel that is turbine buckets and the stationary diaphragms which the turbine nozzles are installed on).

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