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Wake Frequency Calculations

We offer specialized Wake Frequency Calculations for Thermowells in industrial applications to ensure you maintain operational performance

Temp-Pro Wake Frequency Calculations are performed in accordance with the latest ASME PTC19.3 TW-2016 standard. Detecting vibrations is a critical need for engineers working with Thermowells and Temp-Pro offers Wake Frequency Calculations to help you evaluate Thermowell construction and installations, measuring essential data for engineering evaluations.

Our Wake Frequency Calculations consider a complete set of variables related to fluid properties, pipe specifications and thermowell data—including units of measure, process connection to the material and mounting type. In addition, Wake Frequency Calculations include the relationships with bore, tip and root diameters to produce a concise technical report with results and observations.

To get started, please call us toll-free at 1-800-991-9093 to speak with a Temp-Pro engineer who can answer additional questions about any needs related to Wake Frequency Calculations.
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