Temperature Sensors

We design and manufacture temperature sensor products to include Thermocouples, resistance temperature devices (RTDs), thermistors, and associated components and hardware.


Our thermowells can be manufactured for industry-specific or functional applications, as well as in a range of materials and configurations for any industrial process.

Electrical Enclosures

From a simple junction box through multi-function, multi-component control panels, or fully assembled electrical enclosures, we offer a complete range of sizes and applications.

Electro-mechanical Assembly Services

Our electro-mechanical assembly services offer you a single-point assembly solution for control boxes, panel boxes, PCB design, and prototyping for any industry or sector.


Temp-Pro is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, which validates our focus on consistently delivering quality products in a cost effective and quality manner meeting our customers’ requirements.

Latest News and Updates

Mini Bearing blog 1
05 Jul: Miniature Bearing Temperature Sensors
Miniature bearing temperature sensors are specifically designed to provide accurate readings in areas where space is limited. They are made smaller to fit into these spaces without compromising durability or reliability.
TP Steam Turbine Blog 3
28 Jun: Steam Turbine Thermocouples
Temp-Pro has been in the business of making steam turbine thermocouples for years that help customers optimize steam turbine usage. Whether the devices are simple or immensely complicated, accurate and consistent temperature readings are essential to a successful service life.


 “I work with Neal Messier on numerous requests for quotes for RTD’s. He’s been great, and we’re starting to use Temp-Pro as our preferred vendor for RTD’s, so I can’t thank you and your team enough!”

“Based on formal customer survey feedback, Temp-Pro meets all customer expectations in quality, delivery and response time – confirming Temp-Pro’s dedication and focus to customer satisfaction.”

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