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Helical Thermowells

Helical Thermowell

Helical Thermowell Outperforms the Standard Thermowell in High-Velocity Services

When standard thermowells are exposed to high velocity, their flows often fail the requirements of ASME PTC-19.3. There have been a few high temperature thermowell options but they come up short. One common remedy for this issue was to increase the diameters of the root and the tip. Alternatively, the immersion length may have been shortened. While these modifications prevented failure when exposed to high velocity, these modifications to the thermowell made it short and bulky and often yielded inaccurate results.

When there is a sizable increase in the root and tip the response time increases. In this case, the heat dissipates into the nozzle and pipe. It also will reduce vibrations and allows the vibrations to transfer to the thermowell nozzle, instruments and piping. A shortened immersion length of the thermowell does not offer sufficient volume for heat transfer. This results in major errors in temperature measurements that are unacceptable.

This created a need in the market for a thermowell that can perform in high velocity applications and still provide accurate readings. Ensuring sufficient immersion length, the sensor should extend into the process a minimum length equal to one-third the inside diameter of pipe, with the optimal location at the center of the pipe diameter. Temp-Pro specializes in custom sensor solution, offering superior quality and reliability. With over five decades of experience, we are ready to offer an all-in-one complete temperature instrumentation solution with regards to inline temperature measurement.

Temp-Pro Helical Thermowells

How The Helical Thermowell’s Design Helps

Helical Thermowell’s design is highly beneficial for a variety of reasons. Some of them are:

  • Amplitude of Oscillation Reduction: One of the top benefits of the Helical Thermowell design is that it reduces the amplitude of oscillation by more than 90 percent when compared to the standard round bar design.
  • Wake Frequency Calculation not Required: Another major benefit of this design is that wake frequency calculations are no longer required. Instead, steady-state stress and pressure calculations work well enough.
  • Immersion Strength: Additionally, this design makes for fewer limitations due to the immersion length.
  • Speedy Installation: Standard installation makes for quick installation or replacement.
  • Accuracy and Response Time: The accuracy and response time of temperature measurements are significantly improved when compared to the typical thermowell, which includes increased root-tip diameters and shortened immersion length.
  • Fast Response: The small tip diameters and roots make for a fast response to temperature variations.
  • Fitting Nozzles: They also offer the perfect nozzles with small ID and high standoff length.

Thermowell Helical Styles

  • Helical – Threaded
  • Helical – Socket-Weld
  • Helical – Flange
  • Helical – Vanstone

Custom sizes, connections and materials available. Contact Temp-Pro today to find out more.

For details on our Helical Thermowells, please click on our product sheet below to learn more.


Helical Thermowell flyer

Applications of the HelicalWell design

  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Onshore and offshore refineries
  • Plant construction_ HRSG’s (Heat Recovery Steam Generators)
  • Natural Gas transfer application/pipelines
  • The highest process stress loads
  • Applications in critical measuring locations

Key Takeaways

  • The standard thermowells have issues that result in unacceptably large errors in terms of temperature management.
  • Helical thermowell design is one that remedies these issues in a way that is unparalleled.
  • The Helical design thermowell is ideal because it offers a fast response to temperature variations, offers speedy installation, boosts immersion strength and more.

Looking for High-Quality Thermowells?

Overall, if you are searching for high-quality thermowells, you’ve come to the right place. Specializing in high-quality products such as temperature sensors, thermowells, electrical enclosures, electro-mechanical assembly, cables and harnesses, as well as miscellaneous instruments and accessories, we are very proud to carry only the highest quality products we can find. Our Helical Thermowells are highly durable, reliable and offer benefits such as vibration reduction, amplitude of oscillation reduction and more. There is no need to waste your time and money using lesser quality thermowells. Contact your friends at Temp-Pro for a quote and more information.

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