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Temp-Pro Launches New Product Helical Thermowells (Press Release)

Temp-Pro Launches New Product Helical Thermowells.
Helical thermowells outperform standard thermowells in high-velocity services.

Temp-Pro Launches New Product Helical Thermowells

Helical thermowells outperform standard thermowells in high-velocity services

(Northampton, MA) February 8, 2022– Temp-Pro, a leader in the temperature sensor industry, is proud to announce their newest product, Helical thermowells. This product aims to fill the gap in the market for high-velocity services.

“Temp-Pro is excited to offer Helical thermowells,” said Neal Messier, Temp-Pro Sales Engineer and Commercial Sales Manager. “This technological innovation is designed to suppress vortex-induced excitation and offer fast response to temperature variations.”

The Temp-Pro team is ecstatic about the opportunity to finally solve the known and ongoing issues with standard thermowells. Namely, those problems are the considerable and measurable temperature management problems involving high-velocity processes. While quick fixes such as changing the tip and root diameters have been used, it still resulted in sizable and inaccurate results.

The Temp-Pro Helical thermowell design eliminates wake frequency calculations. Instead, steady-state stress and pressure calculations can be used. The small tip diameters and roots make for a fast response to temperature variations. Additionally, the accuracy and response time of temperature measurements are significantly improved when compared to the typical thermowell.

With Helical thermowells technology, not only can companies ensure more accurate gauges, but they can also eliminate the concern of failure during the manufacturing process in high-velocity environments. The results and benefits of the Helical thermowells not only meet ASME PTC-19.3 requirements but also reduce the amplitude of oscillation by more than 90 percent compared to other standard round bar designs.

About Temp-Pro 

Since 1972, Temp-Pro has offered a complete range of products and services designed to serve the needs of multiple industries. Through innovation and sheer determination to remain ahead of the competition, Temp-Pro continues to evolve and serve the needs of customers, internationally through integrated in-house manufacturing. 

Temp-Pro continues to lead and power the world one degree and one solution at a time. Contact Temp-Pro for more information or to learn more about how Helical thermowells can help improve your operations today.



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