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Accessories Temp-Pro Provides

Temp-Pro's accessories include everything needed to complete assemblies and protect wires and terminals from adverse environments

Temp-Pro’s accessories include everything needed to complete assemblies and protect wires and terminals from adverse environments. Temp-Pro is one of the few global accessories suppliers that offer integrated in-house customizing and manufacturing services that have been ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are also proud to consider dozens of Fortune 500 organizations as continuous customers who know they can depend on us to provide the best accessories available.

Temp-Pro’s Connector Accessories and Wire Accessories


Jacks and plugs facilitate quick, dependable connections and installation of wires and sheaths. High-temperature or standard connectors have two parts: a female jack and a male plug. Plug pins allow easy connection/disconnection between wires.

Compression Fittings

During sensor installation, non-adjustable compression fittings permit the exact immersion length to be established. When a compression fitting is tightened, the sheath and compression sleeve are bent slightly to prevent relocation.

Reducing Adaptors

Essential connector adaptors include our durable reducing adaptors for supporting a dependably functioning system. These special adaptors are threaded pipe fittings that consist of a short piece of Hex pipe, with an NPT male pipe thread and an NPT female pipe thread at either end of the Hex pipe.

Terminal Blocks

Designed to fit probes or metal-sheathed cables, terminal blocks are electrical connectors that attach same-circuit wires without needing to splice or cut wires. Terminal blocks are recommended for high-current output/input connections.

RTD Connectors

Properly assembled, three or four-wire RTD connections eliminate errors due to voltage drops occurring along energized wires. The only way to prevent inaccurate readings is to make sure the sensing wire extends from the transmitter terminal to the sensor. Connector accessories like RTD connectors force transmitters to bypass voltage drops of energized wires so they can detect the voltage dropped by the RTD exclusively. Temp-Pro carries miniature and standard-sized connectors for a variety of applications.

Heads for Terminal Blocks

Heads are housing for terminal blocks that protect connections from environmental damage. They also help maintain a stable temperature in and around connections to support the dependability of connection operations.

Protection Tubes

Specially designed to protect temperature sensors from environmental and mechanical damage, protection tubes have a closed-end and components that allow assembly, mounting and integration of the connection head, sensor and tube into the process.

Springs for Spring-loaded Thermocouples

Thermocouple springs are necessary for creating a positive contact between the tip and process. Springs accelerate sensor response time to give highly accurate temperature readings.

Bayonet Adaptors

Consisting of a cylindrical (male) side with a female receptor and one or multiple radial pins, Bayonet adaptors also have matching L-shaped slots and springs that lock together the two parts. Some Bayonet adaptors may have just one L-shaped slot and a spring. Combining a Bayonet adapter and a Bayonet spring creates a type of spring-loading apparatus that secures a Thermistor, an RTD, or a thermocouple.

Refractory Thick Wall Outer Protection Tube

In most applications, this specialized tube is used with an inner protection tube and in combination with an 8-gauge K calibration thermocouple or a noble metal. Extremely resistant to abrasion and corrosion, silicon carbide is a commonly utilized noble metal that functions reliably in reactors, hot furnaces and non-ferrous metal manufacturing plants.

Digital Indicators and Temperature Transmitters

Temp-Pro’s inventory of accessories provides the highest quality transmitters for thermocouples and RTDs. Transmitter features include push-button or programmable calibration, factory set to custom or standard ranges, relay alarms, isolated retransmission and NEMA-4 front panel mounting capability.


Temp-Pro offers many more different types of wire accessories and connector accessories that other accessories suppliers do not carry, including:

  • Insulators
  • Pipe bushings
  • Flanges
  • Nipples
  • Fixtures
  • All accessories are backed by ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Temp-Pro is ready to help your company eliminate downtime and exceed production goals for 2022. Contact us today for more information about our standard and customizable accessories.

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