Temp-Pro’s Power Generation Solutions Keep Your Equipment Operational

Our company’s reputation as a premier provider of temperature measurement devices ensures reliability for power plants and independent power providers (IPPs)

Our company’s reputation as a premier provider of temperature measurement devices ensures reliability for power plants and independent power providers (IPPs)

Since our company was founded almost half a century ago, Temp-Pro has been playing an integral role in providing quality and value to the Power Generation Industry. The integration of our temperature measurement devices supports a variety of operational needs, ranging from periodic maintenance to the expansion of facilities and new equipment. Our ability to create custom solutions and devices such as Thermowells, Thermocouples, RTDs, and many more related hardware has allowed us to carve a niche supplier role in this dynamic industry.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, Temp-Pro has shown a commitment to TQM—total quality management—that ensures consistency in our products’ quality and performance, which in turn assures customer satisfaction and adherence to regulatory tenets and industry best practices. The peace of mind that customers enjoy from our ISO certification allows them to select us repeatedly as their temperature measurement device provider of choice. And if that is not enough, ISO 9001:2015 prompts Temp-Pro to future-proof our ability to serve the Power Generation Industry through a continuous evaluation process across our operation.

By supporting a diverse range of power generation facilities—namely fossil steam power plants, simple cycle gas plants, combined cycle plants, and cogeneration plants—Temp-Pro can react swiftly to the specific needs of each type of facility. Our company has built a strong foundation of expertise and knowledge that also allows us to serve the needs of any variants or evolved plant facilities—including renewables plants or IPPs. All in all, the versatility Temp-Pro offers to power generation plants with our temperature measurement solutions is also the reason why we continue to grow and thrive.

Among the many products Temp-Pro offers to Power Generation Industry customers are industrial temperature sensors of any kind, thermowells, electrical enclosures, electro-mechanical assemblies, and many more instruments and accessories. Every one of them can be customized to meet specific temperature ranges and industrial environments, ensuring you can achieve value through a cost-effective solution.

Many of Temp-Pro’s temperature measurement devices are also found in products such as gas and steam turbines, generators in a variety of configurations, industrial boilers, heat recovery steam generators, waste energy cogeneration, combined cycle plants. In addition, we also supply temperature measurement devices for fans, blowers, compressors, and coal fired circulating fluidized beds.

Not sure how Temp-Pro can help? Simply contact us today to share your project’s specs. Let our knowledgeable team members answer your questions, provide insight based on our experience and ultimately help you find the right temperature measurement solution for your specific needs.

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