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Navigating the World of Stator RTDs: A Comprehensive Guide for Industry Professionals

Welcome to the world of industrial temperature measurement, where Stator Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) stand as a key solution for accurate temperature monitoring.

Stator RTD

Welcome to the world of industrial temperature measurement, where Stator Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) stand as a key solution for accurate temperature monitoring. As industries continue to drive the development of electric motors, generators and rotating machinery components, factors like efficiency, longevity, and cooling are at the forefront of engineers’ minds. That’s where Temp-Pro steps in with our state-of-the-art Stator Slot Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors – designed to optimize performance by providing accurate temperature monitoring.

This guide is designed to help you gain a comprehensive understanding of Temp-Pro’s RTDs, empowering you to make well-informed choices in the deployment of these essential devices.

Understanding Stator RTDs and Their Functioning

Stator RTDs are a type of temperature sensor that measure temperatures based on the temperature coefficient of their material. Typically made of platinum, these sensors offer a linear relationship between resistance and temperature, resulting in high accuracy in temperature readings. Copper and Nickel are other optional element materials. The lead wire style is PTFE. The principle behind RTDs is that as the temperature increases, so does the resistance of the RTD element, allowing for precise temperature measurement.

Advantages of Stator RTDs: High Accuracy and Stability

Stator Slot RTDs are specially designed sensors intended for use within the slots between the stator windings of motors and generators. They are a popular solution among OEMs. We prioritize product quality, manufacturing all components to meet or exceed OEM specifications and tolerances.

Temp-Pro RTDs are available in multiple configurations, such as Single Element stator winding RTDs, Dual Element stator winding RTDs and Dual Independent Element stator winding RTDs. Other options for our RTDs include rear exit, side exit, custom holes and sizes.

         Stator RTDStator RTD

Installation and Maintenance of Stator RTDs

By placing sensors along the length of the stator slot, these RTDs deliver continuous average temperature readings over a wide area. This unique design allows for precise and accurateTemp-Pro Stator RTD Illustration monitoring, ensuring that no To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended to position our Stator Slot RTDs securely near the hottest point in the stator windings. Ideally, two sensors per phase of the motor should be used for comprehensive temperature monitoring. localized hot-spots go unnoticed.

These sensors can be embedded in NEMA G-11, made out of a Semi-Conductive Material or feature a Semi-Conductive coating applied to the outside of the G11 laminate enclosure, ensuring reliable and accurate temperature readings. The Semi-Conductive material provides the same mechanical protection with the added benefit of corona dissipation.

While generator core failures are rare, their potential impact is catastrophic. In most cases, generator cores are monitored online using our embedded RTDs placed between top and bottom stator bars at specific locations in particular core slots. This ensures continuous assessment of equipment condition and enables early detection of hot spots.

Paddle Stator RTDs, also called Air or Gas RTDs, measure incoming or outgoing air temperatures in motors and generators.

Benefits and Advantages of Temp-Pro’s Stator Slot RTDs

Utilizing Temp-Pro’s Stator Slot RTDs provides numerous benefits. Firstly, these sensors contribute to preventing overheating, thereby increasing the longevity of electric motors. By ensuring precise and timely cooling, the efficiency of the motor is improved, resulting in energy savings and optimized performance. Additionally, our RTDs offer early indications of core component failure or incorrect voltage, enabling timely intervention to prevent damage to insulation or mechanical elements. This proactive functionality not only reduces costs in the long run but also enhances safety, especially during peak demand at power plants.

Temp-Pro is dedicated to bringing the advantages of Stator Slot RTD sensors to a broad range of industries including the hydroelectric industry, in wind turbines and other power generators helping companies stay ahead in electric motor and generator development.



In summary, Stator RTDs stand out as reliable and precise temperature measurement devices in the industrial sector. 

– Precise temperature measurement across an extended stator area.

– Highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

– RTD lengths resolve issues associated with “tip sensors.”

– Customizable to different lengths based on customer requirements.

– Robust for direct installation between windings.

For industry professionals looking to implement or upgrade their temperature measurement systems, exploring the world of Stator RTDs is a step towards achieving unparalleled precision and reliability. Our expert team is available to provide technical support and answer any installation or functionality queries related to these sensors. Visit Temp-Pro to delve deeper into advanced temperature sensor solutions and to consult with experts in the field. 

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Neal Messier is a dedicated sales manager at Temp-Pro. With 17+ years of experience working with instrumentation in diverse industrial and process industries particularly power generation, he is passionate about the temperature sensor industry and uses his strong technical background and comprehensive industry knowledge to fulfill client’s temperature sensor needs.

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Nicole Chotain is a passionate marketing and sales specialist in the temperature sensor industry who finds it incredibly fulfilling to be involved in marketing and selling crucial components used in power generation and renewable energy. She takes great joy in creating remarkable campaigns, forging meaningful connections between Temp-Pro and its customers, and driving the growth of the brand.

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