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How the Petrochemical Industry Benefits From Temperature Sensors

The petrochemical industry rests solidly on the foundation of crude oil and natural gas. Through careful manipulation of these source products, particularly with regards to temperature, moisture, pressure and atmospheric gasses, a myriad of final product options are obtained

Over the years, the petrochemical industry has proved to be very relevant to human and industry development and will remain so as long as humankind exists.

The petrochemical industry rests solidly on the foundation of crude oil and natural gas. Through careful manipulation of these source products, particularly with regards to temperature, moisture, pressure and atmospheric gasses, a myriad of final product options are obtained. Plastics, rubbers, fertilizers, perfumes, resins, a heat exchanger and medicines are just a few of the wide range of petrochemicals that have helped to make life easier. These petrochemical products find vast applications in areas such as health care, automobiles, cosmetics, construction and gas industries. Therefore, it is important to ensure maximum efficiency in the processes involved in the development of these products. One such very key process is temperature control.

What Is Temperature Control?

Temperature control refers to accurately measuring heat changes in a system and making adjustments to keep the temperature within the required temperature range. This is important because temperature plays a vital role in the chemical reactions that determine the quality of products. Hence, the need for temperature sensors.

Why Is Temperature Control So Important?

Chemical and petrochemical processes often call for special materials resistant to corrosive attack often in the presence of extremely high temperatures. The complex petrochemical systems, refineries and industrial plants involved in chemical production are operated under a large temperature range, from cryogenic temperatures below 0°C (32ºF) to markedly high temperatures reaching 800°C (1472ºF). These products have different temperature requirements, corresponding to their different physical and chemical properties. An alteration in the production temperature at any point in the process can markedly affect the properties and render the products useless. Hence, there is a need for close monitoring to improve product yield, protect plant components, prevent plant upsets, identify wastes and promote worker safety.

Only Choose Quality Products

Devices such as resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples and thermistors are integrated into these systems to control the temperature. Accurate measurements of the temperature can only be made with the use of high-quality temperature sensors. This is because even though petrochemicals are produced at extremely high temperatures, the processes are temperature specific. Thus, properly functioning thermocouple sensors, heat exchangers, standard thermowell assemblies, special tube skin thermocouples and high-temperature ceramic sheathed thermocouples, to mention a few, must be considered vital for this working environment.

Why Choose Temp-Pro?

Our innovative temperature sensors at Temp-Pro have been improving petrochemical process control and safety. The products we offer provide highly accurate data to help operators with continuous and remote monitoring. Temperature sensors are often required in the most hostile environments. Our non-contact temperature monitoring for the high energy-intensive petrochemical processing and corrosion resistance technology confers protection to the products and the operator. By using our products, you will join our numerous clients who save money each year through increased energy efficiency in their processes and reduced process disruptions.

Our Extensive Range of Products

At Temp-Pro, we offer a wide range of products you can choose from to suit your needs, be it for extremely high or extremely low temperature measurement. These include our specially coated thermowell assemblies and protection tubes, special skin thermocouples, surface temperature sensors, transmitter assemblies and high-temperature ceramic sheathed thermocouples. We also have excellent multipoint temperature assemblies, which consist of different sensors fixed to a single-entry point for increased efficiency. Our technology is cost effective, top-notch and our accurate measurement gets better by the day with constant research. Thus, they prevent failures and disruptions, increasing yield and final profit.


  • The petrochemical industry is very vital because of its numerous and useful products.
  • Temperature control is very vital to the success of the petrochemical industry.
  • Temp-Pro is a certified manufacturer of quality temperature sensors for your accurate temperature control needs.
  • Temp-Pro products include thermocouples, resistance temperature devices, thermistors, thermowells, electrical enclosures, electro-mechanical assembly, industrial wire harnesses and cable assemblies and miscellaneous temperature measuring instruments and accessories.

Temp-Pro Is Committed to Meeting Your Specific Temperature Control Needs

At Temp-Pro, we pay special attention to the specific needs of our customers. Each brand is unique, requiring distinct temperature sensors to meet your various product specifications. With over 50 years of experience, our team is sure to quickly understand your needs and exceed your expectations. Request a quote today, or, for more information, send us an email at [email protected] or call us at 1-855-657-7706.




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