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How the Plastics Industry Benefits from Temperature Sensors

To manufacture superior quality products, the plastics industry relies heavily on state-of-the-art temperature sensors to accurately monitor temperature stability and rapidly detect temperature deviations.

To manufacture superior quality products, the plastics industry relies heavily on state-of-the-art temperature sensors to accurately monitor temperature stability and rapidly detect temperature deviations. From mixing raw materials to adding materials to machines to finalizing the formation of the end product, industrial temperature sensors are one of the most important components of the plastics manufacturing process. If a machine’s industrial temperature sensor fails to rigorously and consistently measure temperatures throughout the manufacturing process, the final product may be compromised and unusable.

Temp-Pro sells only the best temperature sensors available to ensure our customers are not hampered by quality control issues or downtime. All the sensors in our temperature sensor catalogue are highly resistant to vibration, shock, mechanical stress and abrasive plastic mixtures. Commercially available temperature controllers are simply not designed for the reliability and precision needed to oversee the temperature control of variable plastic materials.


Injection molding is the most common production process for manufacturing moldings from thermoplastic polymers. Maximizing the quality of moldings demands meticulous temperature management, especially during the cooling phase of the die. A leader in designing and manufacturing a wide variety of thermocouples specifically for the plastics industry, Temp-Pro constructs sensors using insulated thermocouple wire and 316 stainless steel sheath. We are one of the few companies that can custom design thermocouples to provide conclusive measurements for any process.

Industrial Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs)


Industrial RTD temperature sensors are essential for ensuring repeatability and accuracy in applications requiring optimization of these two values. RTDs offer enhanced stability over thermocouples when exposed to high-temperature environments but should not be used in mechanical shock or excessively vibratory conditions.

Features of Temp-Pro’s industrial RTD temperature sensors include:

  • High-temperature rate
  • Mineral insulated assemblies
  • Resistant to thermal shock, moisture, chemicals and explosions
  • ANSI and ASTM standard testing supports the highest control results
  • High-performance design capabilities and sheath materials

Threaded Nozzle Thermocouples (Type J and K)

This kind of industrial temperature sensor measures nozzle temperature within injection molding machines. Threaded nozzle thermocouples measure nozzle temperature after placement in a drill hole in the injection nozzle. Ideal to use with nozzles that have little to no wall thickness between the hex flat and the inside bore, threaded nozzle TCs can have an independently turning fixed bolt or a rotatable, threaded swivel bolt.

Bayonet style, spring-loaded mounting allows for rapid release of the sensor while facilitating thermal contact to the bottom of the hole for accurate measurement of internal temperatures. Temp-Pro’s custom designs also help reduce inventory levels by permitting adjustable lengths of the bayonet cap for implementing holes at different depths.

Bayonet Thermocouples

Used primarily in plastic processing and extruding industries, Bayonet thermocouples are composed of adjustable, space-saving assemblies and a standardized twist and lock bayonet fitting that can be fitted with a single-lock bayonet option, double-lock option and a spring-loaded release.

Bayonet thermocouples provide strong protection against abrasion and metal sheath armor for additional rigidity and protection. Our sheath material can be customized to exactly address your needs and can be made from either corrosion-resistant alloys or stainless steel.

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Available Products

Products available for purchase in Temp-Pro’s temperature sensor catalog include but are not limited to:

  • Spring Loaded RTDs
  • Spring Loaded Thermocouples
  • Oil Tight Removable Sensor RTDs
  • Oil Tight Removable Sensor Thermocouples
  • Bearing RTDs
  • Bearing Thermocouples
  • Standard Industrial Thermocouples
  • Multipoint RTD Temperature Sensors (Springloaded Bundle)

Browse our catalog today or call Temp-Pro for quicker service. If you want the best industrial temperature sensors available, look no further than Temp-Pro!

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