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Enhance your operation with dependable multipoint temperature assemblies

No matter how involved, complex or difficult the job is —Temp-Pro is always ready to develop a solution such as a multipoint temperature assembly that can meet your needs.
Temp-Pro multipoint thermocouple sensor

Multipoint Temperature Sensor is a solution that can meet your needs

No matter how involved, complex or difficult the job is —Temp-Pro is always ready to develop a solution such as a multipoint temperature assembly that can meet your needs. All temperature measurement devices designed and manufactured by Temp-Pro involve a solution-driven focus built on years of experience and insight. Working with valued customers, Temp-Pro ensures the proper temperature measurement assembly is delivered to match your specifications.

Multipoint temperature assemblies are often used in refineries, particularly for monitoring catalyst performance, but are also used to measure the temperature differential in other industrial environments such as water treatment facilities.

Featured is a multipoint thermocouple consisting of 5 thermocouples, single, type T with ungrounded junctions. It is made from 3” pipe, which is 18’ long and is 316 Stainless Steel. Each thermocouple is housed in a stainless steel guide tube and is spaced 2’ apart. There is an attached stainless steel enclosure with an average temperature output called a Swamping Box.

Averaging/Swamping Boxes are used where the average process temperature is a requirement rather than a number of individual measurement points. The average temperature of the 5 type T thermocouples is taken by running their outputs in parallel. The output will be the average voltage.

Since the extension wires leading to the attached swamp box are of different lengths, they have different resistances. To compensate, each output is run through a large resistor (called a swamping resistor) that handles the discrepancies caused by the different wire lengths.

The 2 output wires will then be connected to a transmitter in the field that determines cold junction compensation and outputs the voltage that corresponds to the average temperature.

Special Configurations Are Available

Multipoint temperature assemblies can be produced for measurement across horizontal or vertical distances. There are many additional opportunities in other industrial environments requiring device customization, so be sure to inquire about your specific operation.

Available for 2 to 10 ungrounded thermocouple inputs, with series or parallel circuits, standalone or in-line boxes, with or without 4-20mA converter/transmitters or internal heaters. Special configurations are available to meet customer requirements.

Contact Temp-Pro today and inquire about our multipoint temperature assemblies for a prompt response and expert consultation.

Temp-Pro multipoint thermocouple sensor
Temp-Pro multipoint thermocouple sensor
Temp-Pro multipoint thermocouple sensor
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