How Temp-Pro’s Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine Temperature Sensors Play a Major Role in Turbomachinery Equipment Performance

Steam turbines’ role in the Power Generation Industry requires the support of a trusted partner like Temp-Pro to ensure their continuous temperature monitoring and proactive maintenance

With steam turbine equipment ranging in size from less than 100 kW to more than 700 MW, this type of turbomachinery equipment remains a staple of energy production in the United States. In addition, there are just over 700 locations across the U.S. incorporating steam turbines as one or more of their power generation workhorse equipment. One such site is that of combined heat and power (CHP) power plants, which use heat to generate high-pressure steam used complementary to conventional gas turbine-generated power. Another site would be that of combined cycle power plants (CCPP), which feature both gas and steam turbines. The difference between them is that the gas turbine generates electricity using natural gas, while the steam turbine generates electricity using waste heat from the gas turbine. But, our steam and gas turbine temperature sensors play a crucial role in both.

gas turbine temperature sensorsTemp-Pro is very familiar with CHP and CCPP operations, given the extensive experience, we have enjoyed working with and providing steam temperature monitoring, and gas turbine temperature monitoring to the most demanding in the power generation industry. The high temperatures produced by CHP and related steam turbines require active and accurate monitoring to ensure the equipment’s proper operation and performance levels. With this in mind, Temp-Pro produces a variety of steam turbine sensors, gas turbine sensors, and accessories as well as replacement steam turbine sensors.

For several decades now, Temp-Pro has been offering a complete line of OEM replacement and aftermarket equivalent sensors for steam turbines. Our ability to customize and create value as a vendor-partner for our clients has granted us a reputation that is second to none among steam turbine operators across the industry. Furthermore, our ability to innovate and meet challenges head-on has given Temp-Pro the opportunity to work closely with clients who contribute with their feedback to improving our industrial temperature measurement devices.

The complexity of the steam turbine is met with a strong knowledge of the equipment and its dynamics by our Temp-Pro team, which has supported the temperature measurement needs of boilers, steam loop, and other steam turbine components. Temp-Pro’s RTDs and thermocouples meet the industry’s strictest guidelines and actively play a role in ensuring high performance and efficient output—regardless of the age of the steam turbine.

Thermal stress and thermal aging are among the reasons why our clients seek out our expertise. After all, it is important to partner with someone who knows, understands, and has the insight necessary to ensure a steam turbine’s availability during peak times—and Temp-Pro excels at serving as a subject matter expert any power plant manager can count on to monitor temperature shifts and levels.

It should be noted Temp-Pro maintains a complete set of OEM drawings for bearing sensors, inner case sensors, outer case sensors, and shell sensors (part numbers beginning with U251, U252, U253, U231, U248, and U249). Temperature sensors can also be manufactured and improved for any turbine manufacturer—as long as you can provide a drawing or failed part for reference. At the end of the day, our job is to ensure your maximum satisfaction and continued business based on a trusted relationship you can always count on.

Temp-Pro is ready to assert its leadership in industrial temperature measurement by calling 800-991-9093 to request a quote for your maintenance or OEM project. Trust your steam turbines to the support of a valued partner that can ensure the safe operation of your equipment.

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