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Temp-Pro Supports Renewable Diesel Plants into the 21 st Century

Renewable diesel is already here and the market demand continues to increase for this
sustainable energy source

Renewable diesel is already here and the market demand continues to increase for this sustainable energy source

The adoption of renewable diesel as fuel in the Power Generation Industry has continuously grown, year after year, as the industry looks to remain ahead of regulatory and new emissions standards. This renewable substance, which is essentially similar in chemical structure to conventional diesel, delivers a sustainable source of fuel with the same performance and cost. Temp-Pro, as a premier designer and manufacturer of industrial temperature measurement devices, sees great opportunity in growing its connection to the renewables market.


Currently. the United States produces renewable diesel at a number of plants throughout the country, but it also imports from Asia to ensure it can meet its constant demand. The fact renewable diesel is made from a variety of non-petroleum sources—such as commercial derivatives like vegetable and animal fat—the industry has an opportunity to tap into a virtually unlimited source of fuel.


The thriving outlook for renewable diesel has been prompting refineries to transform or create new facilities capable of producing this sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. RINs—short for Renewable Identification Numbers—are also available in the form of environmental credits that can be used as currency in transactions within the industry. This is a major reason why renewable diesel is such a hot topic in a number of industries adopting it as a fuel source.


Renewable diesel qualifies for the RIN D5 category on a per-batch basis, which in turn assigns a 38-digit RIN that can be traded as a Renewable Fuel Credit. The concept of RINs as tradable credits had its inception in the Federal Fuel Standard or RFS, which was created by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.


With this in mind, the RFS developed the concept of RINs to help fuel wholesalers reduce the net low price of fuel by subtracting the RIN from the value of the fuel—a welcomed incentive for the producers of a renewable energy fuel source. This opportunity is therefore a subsidy that can help domestic producers of biofuels (such as renewable diesel) become more competitive in the market.


It should be noted the breakthrough advantage of adopting renewable diesel for use in industrial equipment is its versatility. Cleaner burning is another advantage of using renewable diesel, largely attributed to the hydrogenation process used to produce this sustainably- sourced fuel. In a time when society and industry struggle to reduce any potential environmental harm that may be caused by energy production, renewable diesel offers an optimal alternative to conventional diesel.


Temp-Pro works with both conventional and renewable energy plants, supplying a variety of industrial-grade RTDs, thermocouples and other related equipment to ensure their optimal operation with the integration of our temperature measurement devices. Regardless of what kind of fuel they use, their equipment depends on the adoption of these devices to maintain operational excellence.


If you are adopting renewable diesel as a biofuel source or are considering the development of a new renewable energy plant, contact our Temp-Pro staff at 800-991-9093 and we can support your efforts by ensuring the proper design and integration of a temperature measurement strategy.
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Neal Messier is a dedicated sales manager at Temp-Pro. With 17+ years of experience working with instrumentation in diverse industrial and process industries particularly power generation, he is passionate about the temperature sensor industry and uses his strong technical background and comprehensive industry knowledge to fulfill client’s temperature sensor needs.

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Nicole Chotain is a passionate marketing and sales specialist in the temperature sensor industry who finds it incredibly fulfilling to be involved in marketing and selling crucial components used in power generation and renewable energy. She takes great joy in creating remarkable campaigns, forging meaningful connections between Temp-Pro and its customers, and driving the growth of the brand.

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