Stator Resistance Thermometers for All Industrial Applications

Our thin-profile stator winding RTDs can be customized to meet specific dimensions and applications in your electric rotating equipment

Stator winding RTDs are a popular solution for OEMs of electric motors, usually inserted between the coils in the stator of a motor. The flat laminated sensors are also use in generators to measure winding temperature, allowing for a continuous measurement that supports potential early warning alerts. The application of stator winding RTDs include rotating machinery components such as generators, compressors, pumps, or gearboxes.

Stator winding RTDs are also found in vehicles, devices, and other industrial machinery. These temperature sensing devices offer motor manufacturers an added element of protection since they RTDs can sense increases in temperature, measured over a period of time. Such temperature data can be used to assess the reaction to potential—or impending—damage to its insulation or other components.

Duplex stator winding RTDs can provide extra temperature sensing protection when properly installed in motors and generators. In its duplex configuration, the RTD has a second element that serves as a backup sensor in the event of a severe increase in temperature that leads to damage. However, the second element also allows for temperature sensing both on-site as well as remote monitoring, such as from a control room or monitoring station.

Temp-Pro offers a variety of stator winding RTD options, including rear and side exit, as well as paddle sensors (alternatively known as Gas or Air RTDs). Stator winding RTDs can be manufactured with custom holes, additional elements, different coating materials, and dual sensors—all customized to meet the performance requirements of our most demanding customers.

Temp-Pro can supply you with a customized stator winding RTD solution to fit your needs. Contact us today toll-free at (800) 991-9093 to request a quote for your specific temperature sensor needs.