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Renewable Energy Benefits from the Reliability and Versatility of Temp-Pro’s RTDs

Cleaner and more efficient energy generation continues to grow as an alternative to conventional power generation—and Temp-Pro is playing an integral role in it

Temp-Pro continues to grow its influence in “what’s next” by supporting the Renewable Energy sector with resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) designed to perform in the most demanding conditions—always with versatility and accuracy to ensure optimal performance.

In recent years, demand for cleaner energy sources has grown and renewables have begun to catch up to other mainstream power generation options. Consequently, Temp-Pro offers our Renewable Energy customers a variety of RTDs, thermistors, thermocouples and other related sensors to help them remain on top of their game.

RTDs are of critical importance for Renewable Energy operations, particularly in Hydropower, Wind, Solar & Bioenergy power generation. These devices are often found in turbines, solar panels, and other power generation equipment.

Most importantly, Temp-Pro’s RTDs are design to meet the most demanding expectations and the most extreme industrial applications in the Renewable Energy industry—always with the reliability in which countless customers depend.

In addition, RTDs are found in a variety of process control instrumentation in the renewables sector, allowing the operation of many processes within optimal temperature parameters. translates into safety and performance.

Temp-Pro’s RTDs and related temperature sensing products are guaranteed to perform and minimize operational downtime through the active monitoring of temperature ranges. We can customize our products to meet specific parameters for specific applications, further enhancing their versatility.

Contact Temp-Pro today for a product quote and be sure to stay proactive in evaluating your need for reliable RTDs in your Renewable Energy equipment.

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Sales Engineer And Commercial Sales Manager at Temp-Pro | + posts

Neal Messier is a dedicated sales manager at Temp-Pro. With 17+ years of experience working with instrumentation in diverse industrial and process industries particularly power generation, he is passionate about the temperature sensor industry and uses his strong technical background and comprehensive industry knowledge to fulfill client’s temperature sensor needs.

Marketing And Sales Specialist at Temp-Pro | Website | + posts

Nicole Chotain is a passionate marketing and sales specialist in the temperature sensor industry who finds it incredibly fulfilling to be involved in marketing and selling crucial components used in power generation and renewable energy. She takes great joy in creating remarkable campaigns, forging meaningful connections between Temp-Pro and its customers, and driving the growth of the brand.

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