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Welcome to Temp-Pro Inc.

Temp-Pro Inc. is your best-value source for temperature sensors, electrical enclosures, and electro-mechanical assembly services. Our thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, gauges, and temperature sensing components and accessories are designed and manufactured to each customer's specifications: we work with you to determine your needs,
and design, engineer, and build prototypes and production products
in-house at our Northampton, MA facility.

Temp-Pro is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We've served the power-generation, petrochemical, cement, and heat-processing industries since 1972. If you seek standard or custom-engineered temperature sensing products that deliver peak performance and
optimal service life, call Temp-Pro toll-free at 1-800-991-9093 or email our sales engineers.

Power Generation solutions


Nuclear Logistics Alliances

Temp-Pro is a Nuclear Logistics Inc. "Alliance" member. In that capacity, we are happy to provide solutions for all of your NQA-1 temperature-sensor needs. NLI's recent acquisition by AZZ Incorporated (NYSE: AZZ), a specialty electrical equipment manufacturer serving the global needs of industrial and power-generation markets, will allow NLI and Temp-Pro to better serve all of our nuclear industry customers. For details, call our Marketing department at 1-800-991-9093.

Cement Industry News

For Plant Purchasing Managers considering multiple-unit purchases of Temp-Pro’s Cement Kiln Thermocouple, we now offer a flexible, "best-value" procurement alternative: purchase five or more units (with deliveries up to twelve months "out"), and we will reduce the CKT unit price by up to 15%. For Corporate Procurement Managers considering higher-quantity, company-wide deployment of the CKT on a multi-plant basis, larger discounts are available... call our Sales Engineers for more details.

New Award for Temp-Pro's Electro-Mechanical Assembly Services

Temp-Pro recently received a sizeable award from one of its major customers for the production of Pressure Panels and Enclosures. The Pressure Transducer Panels are used for monitoring turbine gas pressure levels, which are produced during power generation. The panels are assembled and configured by our experienced technicians, who perform a computerized Functional Test and Leak Test prior to shipping. During the computerized Functional Test, the units are pressurized with nitrogen over the full operational range. During the Functional Test, the input pressure and panel outputs are monitored to insure that the panel performs

within specified limits. Following the Functional Test, a Leak Test is performed at 100% of the calibrated range and 110% of the calibrated range if required. During the Leak Test, the system is pressurized for intervals from 1 to 10 minutes and monitored for pressure drops. Integrating from three to ten transducers, the panel assemblies can be housed in enclosures to accommodate service in a wide variety of environments.


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